Just "click" on the persons name to connect to their Personal Details. All those with a name in RED have in fact submitted details to us. If you know of a class member that has not given us their details (their name is still in BLACK) and you know of their whereabouts, then please contact them and make them aware of this website.

The names that are in BLUE unfortunately are no longer with us and are in our In Memorium section.


You can download a "word" document by "clicking" here.
Fill in Your details, save it in your computer and then e-mail it back to me as an attachment. You can also send me photos as an attachment too.

If you have any problems, then please don't hesitate to contact me.

Agnew, C.K Anderson, C.H. Anderson, K.M. Anderson, M.K.
Barnett, J.C. Barnett, N.W. Bennett, R.A. Bilich, A.
Bowen, R.H. Bredenbeck, G. Brewerton, B.J. Broomhall, M.N.
Brown, R.N. Bull, R.E. Campbell, M.T. Cantell, D.F.
Clapperton, I.J. Colbourne, B.N. Cooper, C. Cooper, G.W.
Cooper, T.H. Curran, E. Denham, J.C. Denniston, P.R.
Donald, R.B. Drower, R.D. Duggan, P.J. Dunlop, R.A.
Duthie, C.J. Gilbert, G.A. Gordon, O.J. Gould, C.C.
Gray, D.L. Gray, P.J. Greenhough, J.C. Guiness, S.J.
Hands, R.R. Hardwidge, G.V. Herewini, K. Herewini, K.I.
Hill, M.T. Hockings, G.A. Holley, K.T. Holmes, S.H.
Howard, R.J. Hudson, T.E. Johnston, D.M. Judd, P.W.
Lee, N.R. Lester, M.F. Loveridge, R.J. Maaka, R.C.
Manssen, E.G. Marsden, P.D. Matehaere, K.J. Matehe, R.R.
Mather, R.J. Martin, A.W. Maxwell, H.T. Maxwell, L.G.
McLachlan, A.F. McNicholl, R. Mercer, R.W. Meyers, G.S.
Mitten, G.F. Moffitt, T.W.J. Monkley, R.J. Montgomery, C.C.
Moore, K.R. Morgan, V.T. Ngapo, B. Nicholl, P.J.
Nilsen, G.W. Nolan, P.J. Nuttall, J.W. Nutton, J.
Osborne, J.W.R. Paisley, K.J. Park, E.A. Parsons, B.J.
O'Brien, P.M. Paton, R.N. Pawson, R.R. Payton, H.G.
Potter, R.J. Potts, J. Randle, D.N. Rastick, D.J.
Rattray, L.W.. Ring, A.D. Robson, W.F. Rolston, R.A.
Sheppard, P.C. Skinner, L.J. Smith, A. Smith, B.M.
Smith, M.V. Solomon, A. Stevenson, B.M. Stewart, M.W.
Stitt, P.J. Taylor, F.G. Teale, C.R. Telfer, T.R.
Thame, R.V. Thompson, R.J. Tidswell, I.W. Turvey, K.
Tidswell, I.W. Walford, N.J. Walker, R.C. Walker, R.M.
Walker, R.N. Wright, R.J.

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